Kotter’s 8 step Organizational Change Model

Skilled change managers make the most of their company’s existing culture. The 8 step model developed by Dr John Kotter can help managers to develop a culture of change in their organisation and be successful with their change programs.

Step 1 – Create a Sense of Urgency
Craft and use a significant opportunity as a means for exciting people to sign up to change their organization.

Step 2 – Build a Guiding Coalition
Assemble a group with the power and energy to lead and support a collaborative change effort.

Step 3 – Form a Strategic Vision and Initiatives
Shape a vision to help steer the change effort and develop strategic initiatives to achieve that vision.

Step 4 – Enlist a Volunteer Army
Raise a large force of people who are ready, willing and urgent to drive change.

Step 5 – Enable Action by Removing Barriers
Remove obstacles to change, change systems or structures that pose threats to the achievement of the vision.

Step 6 – Generate Short-Term Wins
Consistently produce, track, evaluate and celebrate volumes of small and large accomplishments – and correlate them to results.

Step 7 – Sustain Acceleration
Use increasing credibility to change systems, structures and policies that don’t align with the vision; hire, promote and develop employees who can implement the vision; reinvigorate the process with new projects, themes and volunteers.

Step 8 – Institute Change
Articulate the connections between the new behaviors and organizational success, and develop the means to ensure leadership development and succession.